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If you have a good quality vacuum sealer and a deep freezer then you can purchase your meat at your local wholesale club. The price often comes out a lot better per pound, making it a huge savings. Of course if you don't have a deep freezer then you might not have a lot of room to store all these meats, so just stock up a little bit. Hamburger is something that most household go through a lot of, so this would be the first thing you would try and stock up on. Once you make this list and head to the store make sure you stick to the list. If you find other things that you might want, then write that down on your list with the price for next time. Impulse buying means you spend more and you don't always know if you have gotten a good deal or not. So write down the item, size and price so you can check it out further when you get home.

KaciQ   tracking your calories eaten and your exercise is the simplest way to do it. You can't really track every calorie burned, it would be too exhaustive. Annelova explained the "net calories" well. One twist   you can make quicker progress if you stay at, or under your red line calorie goal for the day, AND you exercise. (so, if you exercise, don't necessarily eat MORE calories than the red line on the graph.) Then you will be creating a bigger caloric deficit, and will lose weight faster. It's more of a "crock pot" process, and not a "microwave", so keep that in mind. (it will take about 3 4 weeks to start seeing results.) For example   I have to eat 1295 cal per day in order to lose 1.5 lbs per week. So, I target my eating toward that. But, I also exercise, so, the calories burned count as well. So: I eat 1295 calories, and burn 395 calories (for example). That means my net calories for the day is 900 (1295 395=900). (I have an additional 300 calories of caloric deficit. If I did that for 12 days (300x12=3600), I will lose an extra pound (3500cal = 1 lb), in addition to the normal 1.5 lbs per week the MyPlate is guiding me to. The bigger caloric deficit, the faster the weight loss. Slow, steady weight loss is the best, as you know. Hope this helps. Joe